what is missions?

A biblical description of “missions” is found for us in what we call the Great Commission, Matthew 28:18-20. Jesus commands His disciples to make disciples of all nations by going throughout the world to share the Gospel; baptizing converts and teaching them to observe all that Christ commanded – in other words, show them how to live the Christian life. 

As the book of Acts records, the disciples were obedient to Jesus’ instruction. What we learn from their example is that they fulfilled the Great Commission by planting local churches (for example, see Acts 9:31, 13:2-4 and 14:23). Of course, we realize that this method of fulfilling Christ’s mission was not incidental. We believe that God’s plan to reach the world in this present age is primarily achieved through the planting and growing of local churches. 

We also believe that missions work is not only foreign work like planting churches overseas or doing evangelism in another language. Missions happens outside our front door! It is as much local as it is global. Therefore, we understand “missions” and “missions work” to be our church’s effort to make known to all people the reconciling message of the Gospel and to plant indigenous local churches among the nations that will continue the work of discipleship.