New to Immanuel? NEw to church?

It's definitely intimidating walking into a new church, let alone a completely new environment if you've never been to church. 

Maybe our social media is the first step to getting to know us, that way you have a familiar face when you take the step to come by. But ultimately, we believe in-person, embodied community is still widely different than viewing us through a screen. 

We would love to make time to meet one-on-one with you before you come to a service if that would be helpful so you can get to know us and know what to expect.  Schedule a lunch with Pastor Fellars or Pastor Alex.

Just like the majority of humans, we talk about what we love. We love God and have experienced life in Jesus. You will hear us talk about him often. So the best place you can start to learn is reading the Bible where God has revealed himself.

Ultimately, we desire to become sincere friends with you and treat you as family because that is who God has been to us when we most needed salvation. We hope to see you and start your spiritual journey with you or walk alongside you to assist you in this life for the next.